Date Posted:07/19/2019

Location:Newport News, VA



Join the ULG Marine team as a Pipefitter!


Job description includes:

  • Five (5) or more years marine pipefitter work as a First Class Pipefitter,

    Required Experience / Qualifications - Shipboard:
    1. Able to read and interpret ship piping drawings,
    2. Experienced fitting carbon steel, CRES, and copper nickel piping,
    3. Qualified to end prep piping by hand and/or with Wach or Portsmouth Machine,
    4. knowledge in installing pipe hangers,
    5. Ability to sketch and bend TFW piping (2½ inch and below),
    6. Braze and tack weld qualified if required by ordering Department.

    Pipe welding qualifications are a plus.
    Nuclear qualifications are a plus.

    Tack Welding/Brazing Qualification: If required by ordering department.
    All Pipefitters will be required to pass a Single-pass Tack Welder Qualification Test upon reporting for the first day of work. This test will be in accordance with Tech Pub 248 Paragraph and the following:

    Tack Welding–Single-pass (NAVSEA Technical Publication 39074-AQ-GIB-010/248).

    A. Using the Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) Process,
    B. With MIL-11018-M (A-5A) Filler Metal of MIL-E-22200/1, MIL-308-15/16 of MIL-E-22200/2, and MIL-CuNi (70/30) of MIL –E-22200/4,
    C. In both the Vertical Up (3F) and Overhead (4F) positions,
    D. With a Single-pass Fillet shown in Tech Pub 248 Figure 16. Each pass shall have at least one stop and start within the weld length.

    The Welding School will administer the following tests:
    A. Single-pass Tack Weld consisting of:
    • One (1) hour practice,
    • One (1) hour Vertical test,
    • One (1) hour Overhead test,
    B. Visual Inspection of Weld Level I,
    • Four (4) hours.


Pay Range: $14.96-$23.56, plus perdiem


Hours:  40+ hours per week(1st, 2nd, or 3rd shift)


Duration: 1 year contract


We Offer:

  • Paid Vacation,

  • Paid Holidays,

  • Matching 401K program,

  • Hotel assistance,

  • Referral Bonuses,

  • Low Cost Health Insurance for you and your family),

  • Cash Advances,

  • Weekly direct deposit to your checking account or our easy and convenient rapid pay card.