Our employees may be temporary to you, they are permanent to us!

We are a skilled labor staffing company focused on workforce solutions for the Marine Industry from shipbuilding through repair. We are an employee – centric company with a clear focus on client service and satisfaction.

Why We Are In Business

ULGMarine is a skilled labor staffing company focused on workforce solutions for the Marine Industry from shipbuilding through repair. Our mission is to successfully build long term relationships between our clients and our employees through trust, integrity and consideration for one another. With over 40 years’ experience, our depth of knowledge and commitment to the Marine Industry is surpassed by none. We are an employee-centric company who distinguished ourselves by our level of commitment to our field employees and staff.





We would like to acknowledge the team at ULGMarine for their hard work and great work ethic! Especially Abi Amdor & Chelsea Parks, who have really gone out of their way to make us feel at home here. Thank you alls for once again getting us set up with work.

ULG Marine is a great company to work for. My experience and been nothing but positive since day one of the job. They provide a great opportunity to work with different companies and a wide variety of trades to match your skills and experience. Anytime i need help with lodging or something work related, I receive all the support and information I need to be successful and stress free. Much appreciation to Abi Amdor and Sarah Worth for everything you do.

Painter & Joiner

ULGMarine is a great company to work for. It doesn't feel like you're working for a "temp company" at all. They put you on great jobs with opportunity for full-time employment. I've am real tempted just to remain with them as they have benefits just like any other company!! the jobs they send you to and the companies you work for give you a chance to really pick the job you want. My experience has been great!! they keep you busy and look out for your well-being in the process! I have nothing bad to say about them - they've been great. I've been with them for about six months with no bad experiences. your checks are always on time and correct that's pretty rare in the industry. Thank you ULG team!!

Shipfitter & NASSCO Buyer

ULGMarine is the most professional company I have ever contracted for! 


Moving back to the Seattle area from the East Coast without having a job lined out was a little daunting. ULG helped me find a good opportunity in the right field in a limited amount of time. That relieved some pressure in a challenging time.


"ULGMarine is an outstanding company to work for!!! Sarah Worth has been on point! So far so good. I look forward to our continued relationship."

"Thanks for staying on top of things. You make being a contractor comfortable!"

Contractor, Hudson Enterprises

They are very helpful in finding a great fit for our company. We needed a maintenance man and they quickly sent us resumes for people who were actually wanting to work. We found a great guy through them and he is a perfect fit for our company in the maintenance position. I recommend anyone use them for their hiring/placement needs.

Family of Employee for the ULG Marine Division

My husband has worked for this company for a little over a year now. Because of his profession,

unfortunately there has been times in the past where he did have to float from one contractor to
another.. This has been by far the best contractor he has worked for. They really seem to care about
their employees & his coordinator, Chelsea Parks goes above & beyond any coordinator I have
EVER seen after being with multiple contractors in the past. Anything he needs, she is immediately
attentive & recognizes him & the other guys by name instead of just a badge number. I have NEVER
seen a coordinator in the past like her. Kudos to ULG & Chelsea for making my life as a wife a lot
easier, lol.

Google Review by Employee for ULG Marine

Such a positive experience, which is rarely found in this industry anymore! They offer a lot of different job opportunities and their website is top of the line. Easy access to my paycheck stubs and also my W2s. Their recruiters are always super friendly and available to help anytime. I highly recommend using ULG Marine to help you find a job.

Google Review by Employee for ULG Marine

Top notch company. Next level customer service; plenty of openings; people who care. Special thanks to Kimmy Anderson for her responsiveness even when after hours or on weekends. Highly recommended for accurate payroll, fair compensation, and flexibility... My search is over so thanks to ULG!

Google Review by Laborer for ULG Marine

This service was excellent everyone was super friendly as soon as I walked in. It is awesome to be treated like family!!!!!!!

Google Review by Shipyard Laborer for ULG Marine

I was at a dead end job & unable to provide for myself & 16yr old daughter without the help of my family & state assistance. After Abi hired me making way more than what I was, giving me a sense of worth & a brighter future to show up, work hard & continue to be booked for good jobs with awesome pay.

Thank you, ULG for giving me a new beginning.

Google Review by Joiner for ULG Marine

They were totally outstanding the experience was one I never forget they were informative and very very very very very helpful a wonderful company to work for and amazing people to work for.

Google Review by Electrician for ULG Marine

My experience with ULG Marine has been good I have no complaints. Ms. Sarah and Ms. Abi lived up to their word and for that I'm very thankful and grateful that they called me when they said they were. I will be working with them from now on because most of the time when people say they're going to call you back they never do, but ULG will put you to work. The experience has been very professional and honest thanks ULG for everything you've done for me.